Your genome belongs to you -
and only you.

Informed consent blockchain infrastructure for genomic data - absolutely private, trust independent, authorized and traceable.

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What we do

The mission of mygenomebank is to establish the full private ownership and control of genomic data based on blockchain-based identity certification and decentralized storage. Health information data rights must be given back to their natural owners. mygenomebank is your personal high-security DNA service provider, enabling the future of personalized medicine.

Genome sequencing service without a hassle

You do not have to become active to order the sequencing of your genome. We do it for you. We search the best offer together with our partners and handle the processing based on our system.

Blockchain ID based, decentralized or legacy storage

We assure that your genome is as secure as the most advanced technology - currently the blockchain - allows. Stored in decentralized infrastructures or legacy applications.

Personal genome access authorization and provision

Based on your blockchain ID, you always have full ownership, control, authorization or selling rights for any use of your DNA, be it requested by doctors, researchers or other parties.

Our three step service

Sequencing, Decentralized storage, Authorized provision

We help with getting your DNA sequenced

We offer - whenever possible - a community based, affordable price by sampling the full genome requests in every country and requesting price offers from sequencing companies. The more people suscribe, the lower the price. You will be informed about the lowest price for your full genome that we can offer and you may then order your genome for the price indicated from the respective sequencing company in your country.

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We secure your rights through blockchain ID

The blockchain is the most secure storage and transaction technology currently available. No one has unauthorized access to your DNA data, linked to your the blockchain ID, except you. Not mygenomebank nor any other third party company or person. You authorize in an easy way any requests or service offers with a simple fingerprint in your mobile app.

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"Bank" on your genome

mygenomebank resembles a financial bank. You have your most important assets at a secure place, you can authorize DNA related access rights to improve your health through value-added services, or you make money by selling your data to interested parties. You can make the best of your DNA assets from one acccess point at any time.

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Genome sequencing and decoding are rapidly evolving together with the benefits for human health. mygenomebank offers a high-security personal storage and provision repository for your genomic data, always based on the latest sequencing technology as for example next generation sequencing (NGS).


Blockchain storage

Decentralized blockchains are currently the most advanced technologies for securing personal ownership and provision of data. No central institution or person controls the storage and the access to sensitive data on the blockchain. And that is what your most personal data deserves.


Provision and access

Your genome should be an asset an not a liability. Doctors may provide health advice, researchers may find new uses and service companies may provide genome related, value-added services - all based on your genome. You may even earn money by granting specified data access.

Meet the Team

Commmited to genome privacy
Team Member


Alex is a serial technology entrepreneur since over two decades. He is convinced that the genomics revolution offers immense possibilities and benefits for everyone, but that the dangers have to be managed, too.

Alex Schmid

Team Member


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Idem est

Team Member


Shantanu has a PhD in physics and a broad experience in bioinformatics, molecular modeling and computation biophysics. His passions are genome accessibility and secure provision.

Dr. Shantanu Roy

Head Bioinformatics